Faith Over Fear

Is a foundation that I created to help support the youth kids who might not have the opportunities that some of the other kids have. Growing up I didn't have much, and when I started playing sports specifically, I couldn't afford a pair of cleats or shoes to play the game. Through the genuine kindness of a few individuals I was provided shoes and was able to take part in many different sports. I want to be able to help those kids whose parents are in the same position that I was in. I want every kid to enjoy being a kid, I want every kid to know that despite how tough it is, there are ways to get out of their circumstances, I want every kid to know that the sky is the limit, I want every kid to know that someone believes in them, I want every kid to know that someone has faith in them.  Invest in yourself and you will achieve many things, and hopefully reach your dreams one day.  But invest in someone else and you can change a life. There are a lot of financial problems single parents face every day and often times their kids venture out and find ways to keep themselves busy while they're parent is at work, most of the times it’s not always productive and can often lead to these kids going down the wrong path. That is the purpose behind my foundation, to be a support system for them and give opportunities whether it comes through sports, school, or mentorship. No kid should lose out on an opportunity because they don’t have the money. I’ve missed out on many opportunities because of financial problems, but a lot of people took a chance on me and helped me stay out of trouble. I made a promise that when I can, I will help as many kids as I can, and hopefully build them up and watch them make a print on this world. No matter what, life is always easier when someone has a little faith in us.




This year we are able to sponsor 1 kid through various sports and activities. 

In the future we hope to sponsor many kids around the city, and in the future, in the country.
each young man/woman will have their sport or activity fully compensated for the year, as well as receiving a pair of shoes and cheque at the end of the year.


If you would like to know more about the foundation and support the foundation, please email me:, or Rohan Stewart:





Meet The Star!



Jamarri Mcgreggor

Jamarri is a 9-year-old boy who attends Saint Rose of Lima Junior High School in Calgary, Ab Canada. He comes from a single parent household, with a loving sister(Kyanne) and Mother (Paula).  This young man here is very ambitious, well spoken, and a hard worker. Jamarri wanted to play football this year, however, financially he wasn't able to play initially. When I found out about his situation and knowing him personally, I wanted to make sure that he didn't miss out on this opportunity to develop certain discipline and life lessons that the sport of football can teach. Jamarri is our first sponsored youth of the year. I've been hearing nothing but great things about his efforts on the field and in the classroom. Jamarri is planning on playing quarterback this year for the Broncos Atom Football team. Jamarri is our first of many sponsored youth.

Lets Go Jamarri! 





Jamarri on his first day of football practice with pads!